January 2009


My daughter is a big fan of Kabouter Plop (tv show for toddlers about a bunch of goblins). I think her favorite character is Klus, she always giggles when he’s appearing in the show.


Winter Morning

                          Winter Morning

Winter Morning

Yeah, I know; yet another set winter photos… But it was an extraordinary beautiful morning, and it probably will be one of the last winter mornings this winter. The outside temperature was –13.5C, and my car almost got stuck in the snow, but it was worth it. (pictures taken near the Hobos in Overpelt, Belgium)

Winter Evening Trees and Moon

Winter Evening Trees and Moon – Taken in Overpelt, Belgium. Temperature was -7C. Due to the air pollution the sky had some nice color shades.

Winter Evening

Sunset (without the sun) on a cold winter evening. Taken in the “Gemeentepark” of Overpelt, Belgium.

Winter in Bokrijk

One of the mills in the open air museum of Bokrijk, Belgium. The museum is opened in the evening during the Christmas holidays. It was freezing cold, but we had lots of fun.

Keep on Walking

Taken in “Gemeentepark” of Overpelt, Belgium.