April 2008

In de zon op het gras

My daughter Fran enjoying the sun. She is so lovely.


Yellow Tulips

I’ve always wanted to create a tulip picture like this one on Flickr. It’s still not yet perfect (to much ‘background stuff’: tree, plants) but we’re making progress. 🙂

Clouds and Tree

Clouds and Tree

On old tree in the open air museum of Bokrijk (Belgium).

Den Haag

This is the view that I had from my hotel room (near the central station).

Den Haag

Last week I was in The Hague for work. The weather was great, so every evening I made a walk with my colleague Peter who was also there that week.


Aan het raam

Our little daughter Fran standing at a window where she has to wave to everybody that leaves or enters our house.

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