August 2007

Hay Field in Sunny France

The last one from our holiday in France: a fresh cut field with a blue sky and some clouds. I was trying to do something with the road on the right hand side of the photo, but it didn’t work out as good as I was hoping. Next time better … 🙂


Overpelt Time

Overpelt Time – A very original clock in the apartment of my sister-in-law. The big city of Overpelt (pun intented) sits in the GMT+1 timezone (CET).

Purple flowers in our garden

Last year, this picture was taken “by accident” by my wife. I didn’t post-process the picture, I didn’t crop, I just uploaded it to our Flickr account, straigt from the camera. Out of the blue, the picture was “discovered” by some people on Flickr, and it became an instant hit! It was featured on the first Explore page of that day.

Even today, it’s the most popular picture in our photo stream: more then 4000 views, 128 people marked it as a Favorite. It’s even the most popular picture tagged with Overpelt on Flickr.

So, you just have to be lucky…

Stadswandeling in Lille

Photography doesn’t have to be very complicated. I think simple pictures can be nice as well, like the one above: some blue sky, add some clouds and some nice street lights in Lille. Less is more.

Lille at night

Lille at night   Lille at night

During our stay in Lille (France) I went out after sunset with my little Light Sucker Lens (Sigma 30mm f1.4) to shoot some nicely illuminated buildings in Lille center. The first one is the town hall (I think), the second one the train station and the third one the opera. All photos were taken hand-held!

Hay Bails in Sunny France

Last week we were in France (Pas-de-Calais) for a short holiday, the first “real” holiday with our little daughter. We were very lucky because most of the time the weather was quite good, resulting in the picture above: a nice field with hay bails and a blue sky with some nice white clouds. This picture totally represents the rest and peace of this part of France.

Hotel Room View

Hotel Room View   Hotel Room View

We were lucky to have a fairly nice view from our hotel room in Lille, so we could watch the sunset falling over the city. Actually the tower and the dome were quite far away from our hotel, but my new Sigma 50-150 managed to bring them closer! 🙂

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