February 2007

Camera Toss – Ok it wasn’t a real toss: I didn’t throw my camera in the air, I just turned it with a long exposure while pointing in the direction of the lights in the living room. Full size on Flickr


Emerging Beauty – Flowers in and around our house: tulips. Third try, without flash but using a tripod. Full size on Flickr

Pink Tulips – My wife decorated the house a little bit with some fresh tulips. Full size on Flickr

De Suikerbonen – No, it’s not Viagra! I don’t know the translation, but it’s candy (chocolate) for when the baby is born. It’s a tradition in Belgium. Full size on Flickr

Church at Night – I noticed a couple of times that the church of the town I live in is nicely illuminated. Today I had a chance to take some quick shots. It’s the “Martinus Kerk” in the center of Overpelt (Belgium); nothing special, just a church of a small town. It was a nice test for my new lens (Sigma 30mm f1.4), I didn’t use a tripod and the place was quite dark. Full size on Flickr

Busy Trafic in the Sky – On cold days, with no clouds you can see the trails of the jet planes pretty well. As you can see our house is under a pretty busy plane highway! Full size on Flickr

Flowers in the Garden Full size on Flickr

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