May 2008

Weekendje Brugge

I tried a while to get the flags with the logo of Brugge (Bruges) blowing straight in the wind, but the wind didn’t cooperate very well that day. So this is the best shot that I could get.

This post was scheduled to be posted, since I’m having probably another great weekend in Paris right now. 🙂


Weekendje Brugge

Once again, the title says it all; some nice looking white daisy flowers on a soft green bed of grass, relaxing in the sun.

Weekendje Brugge

A blue sky, some white clouds, green trees, flowers in grass, … are nice ingredients for an easy photo. 🙂

Weekendje Brugge

Cathedral on a Wall in Bruges, Belgium.

Micromiel is organizing a cool photo event in Amsterdam this weekend, I whish I could attend it!

This Saturday (the 24th of May), I’m organizing an event for amateur-photographers in downtown Amsterdam. The day starts around 12 noon with a welcome and introduction at ‘De Rode Hoed‘, a pretty classy venue naar the waterside. Around 40 photographers will be divided into 4 groups of 10, and will then board a ship that will be docked right outside the building. Right then, the challenge starts. Every group will take pictures over the course of 2 kilometers, so that in total we’ll span an 8 kilometer route from the boat. All the pictures will be collected and then stitched together using Windows Live Photo Gallery to form the world’s largest panoramic picture. The end result will be put into a DeepZoom viewer so it’ll become scrollable and zoomable and it will be sent to the Guiness Book of World Records. Full post here

Fran uit de oude doos

Just playing around with some filter effects … this time Cross Processing and Vignetting.