December 2008

Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

It’s cold in Belgium these days, very cold. On days like today you can get nice closeup pictures of frozen stuff. The first picture is a closeup of the frozen window of my wife’s car.


Happy Holidays!

Driving Home for Christmas

My wife driving home on the 24th of December, after having a Christmas dinner at my parents house. I know it’s blurry and dark but I like the atmosphere of the picture.

Christmas Bokeh

Oh so easy, oh so cliché. But I like it. 🙂 Taken in Overpelt, Belgium.

Strobist Rose

Another small Strobist experiment: a closeup of a red rose lit by a single SB-28, camera left. I couldn’t get rid of the black shadow on the right side of the rose. Adding a second flash on the right, ruined the shot. I need more practice.

Happy Blue Eyes

Recently I got in this Strobist thing (off camera flash photography). Flash photography has been a technique that I’ve always wanted to master and the Strobist website is a great source of tutorials, articles and forum discussions. I didn’t want to invest lots of money buying expensive flashes, so I bought some old flashes from various auction sites: they work great! Above is a picture of my daughter Fran that I took using a single flash, remotely triggered and bounced off the ceiling and wall. There is lots of stuff to learn for me, but I’m already happy with this one! If you watch closely you can even see the reflections in her eyes, which would have been impossible to achieve without using a flash since the room was badly lit.

Foggy Night in Voorburg, NL

This week I’m once again in the Netherlands (The Hague) for work. I’ve been here many times, so I’m just staying in my nice warm hotel room at night. Luckily I’ve got a room with a pretty decent view. The bright white line in the back is a highway full of cars.

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