August 2008

Having Fun on the Grass!

Taking photos of toddlers is a real challenge; they never sit still (only when they are eating), they never look into the lens (unless you play peek-a-boo behind the camera) and they tend to like leaving fingerprints on the front element of the lens. But sometimes you’re lucky and the toddler (in this case our daughter) does exactly the right thing (in this case lying on her back in the grass and laughing out loud). In those very rare circumstances, you just have to press the shutter button on the camera, and you know you’ve got a great shot.


Busy Playing

One of my favorite portraits from our holiday in Prague: our little daughter Fran (check her blog here) playing in our hotel room. She is so cute. 🙂

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other  Side of the Fence

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other  Side of the Fence – Our daughter has a swimming pool/sandbox. Once in a while you have to move it, otherwise you end up with multicolored grass like this. This image is not "photshopped", just slightely post processed!

Simply Clouds

It was a very nice evening today. One of the very few this summer. On an evening like this, even clouds look pretty.

Growing out of Nowhere

Growing out of Nowhere – A single flower growing on our driveway. It gets extra points for courage.

Light Pole on Charles Bridge (Prague)

Taken from the Charles Brdige in Prague, in the background you can see the castle.

Prague Parking Guy

Every lot on a parking in the city center of Prague had its own iron “guard”. They didn’t seem to have any purpose, you couldn’t put any coins in them or anything like that.

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