July 2007

Kuwait Towers at night

During night time the Kuwait Towers are even more impressive and beautiful then during day time!


Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers   Inside the Kuwait Towers - Viewing Platform

This week I’m in Kuwait (work related) and today I visited the famous Kuwait Towers. With their height of 187 meters they are pretty impressive! You can visit a viewing platform in the heighest sphere (123 meters), the view is quite impressive, but infortunately the windows were not very clear (not good for pictures).

It’s a small world after all… Recently I was contacted by a person who wanted to buy some of my pictures taken in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He found my pictures through Flickr, amazing since I live in Belgium, he lives in Australia, the company is from Sri Lanka and the pictures are taken in Saudi Arabia! It turned out that SriLankan airways was going to open a new connection to Jeddah, so they needed some appealing photos for their in flight magazine called Serendib. We agreed upon a price for the photos, and they were even nice enough to send me a copy of the magazine. It’s a funny feeling to see your photos published in a real magazine!

Published in Serendib

My pictures are on the  left page (top right and bottom left).

Published in Serendib   Published in Serendib

My pictures are on the left page (middle and bottom).

               Floating Mosque

King Fahd's Fountain  Floating Mosque 

These pictures were taken the first time I visited Jeddah in Saudi Arabia (in April, 2005). The top one and the bottom right one are taken on the floating mosque, which is a magical place during sunset: spectacular view over the red sea. The bottom left one is the famous King Fahd’s fountain, seen from the coastline.