June 2008

Forget me not

I didn’t know, but the Dutch name of this little flower (vergeet-mij-nietje) is the in English (translated): forget me not. As you can see the flowers are really, really small.


High, higher, highest

High, Higher, Highest in the open air museum of Bokrijk.

Sunset in Overpelt

Ok I promise, this is my last sunset photo for some time. I think the colors came out pretty nice in this one. Saturation was added to the green foreground during post processing. In occasions like this I’d love to have a real wide-angle lens (e.g. the Sigma 10-20mm).

Sunset in Overpelt

Yeah, I know, sunsets are easy and for many people boring. But I like to watch the sun sink behind the clouds until it touches the ground. The wheat in the foreground nicely illustrates the evening summer. 🙂

I can feel it coming in the air tonight

The sunset yesterday wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped. But I managed to capture some reflections in a canal. (Taken in Lommel, Belgium)

Looking in your Eyes

Looking in your Eyes – An old Citroen car during festivities in Achel, Belgium.

A Whole Mouthful

She loves to eat cookies! Although her bright blue eyes are fantastic, they come out in black/white pictures pretty well too.

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