January 2007

I’ve got the whole world in my hands – My wife is holding a small globe I got as a present from my little sister a couple of years ago. The idea was to put a dot on all the places I’ve visited, but it’s still empty. Full size on Flickr


March of the Tomatoes – When there is nothing around you that seems intresting enough to photograph, maybe you can arrange things a little bit to make it a little bit interesting. This is a closeup of mini tomatoes lying on our kitchen table. Due to the large aperture only the first one is in focus. The shadows are created by normal lights in the kitchen. Full size on Flickr

Axelle Red in Vorst – The famous artist Belgian Axelle Red did a concert in Vorst Nationaal (Brussels). Together with a bunch of co-workers (the U2U gang!) we enjoyed the fine music. Full size on Flickr

Look in the lens! – One of my very first self portraits, but luckily the Nikon D40 is still big enough to cover most of my face. 🙂 I guess every DSLR owner has to take a picture like this … Btw, the lens attached to the D40 is the 18-55 kit lens. Full size on Flickr

Memories from Africa – Some souvenirs from the beatiful continent of Africa. I got the spear from my grand father (who got it from somebody who got them from somebody else in Congo). The small statues are from Zimbabwe, I bought them 2 years ago. All of them are hanging on a white wall in our living room. Full size on Flickr

Winter Wonder Land – For the first time this winter the temperature went well below zero. Our garden was covered with a thin layer of ice. Actually this photo was taken by my wife. Full size on Flickr

My Number Ten – Since I’ve been playing with the senior volleyball team of Hamont (Belgium), I’ve been playing with number ten. With this number the team had ups and downs, and (more important) lots of fun. For now, becoming the champion of our league was one of the top moments, maybe we can repeat it this year (currently we are ranked number one!). Full size on Flickr

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