November 2007

First Frost

First Frost   First Frost

Well, actually it is not the first frost this year, but the first frost I have been able to photograph. 🙂 Pictures are taken in our garden.


No Access

Railway crossing in Overpelt, Belgium.

U2U @ TechEd in Barcelona

U2U @ TechEd in Barcelona   U2U @ TechEd in Barcelona

Last week I was in Barcelona together with all my colleagues to attend TechEd Developers, one of the biggest Microsoft events in Europe. The first photo is taken in the auditorium of the CCIB during the keynote. I had to present a session at TechEd as well, but it wasn’t in the auditorium (a slightly smaller room). Luckily we had some time to enjoy Barcelona as well, both during the day and night. 😉

Signs of fall

Just like my post “Signs of Spring”, nature is telling us that the summer is over.