Flower or Sun?

Last week I’ve upgraded my first DSLR, the Nikon D40 to a shiny new Nikon D300. I loved the D40 a lot, and I know I will miss it, but I felt somewhat limited lately (only AF-S lenses, no advanced features etc). On top of that I had the opportunity to sell the D40 before it got virtually worthless (in terms of market value) (thanks dad!).

First of all, the D300 is an amazing camera! When you pick it up, you can feel it’s a totally different league then the D40. I always thought the D40 picture quality in optimal conditions couldn’t be improved a lot, but I was wrong. The images come out crispier, sharper and have more dynamic range (not tested scientifically, but based on my first experiences). But maybe the biggest upgrade is the autofocus system of the D300; it’s amazing. It’s like many things; if you don’t have it, you won’t miss it, but if you do have it … 🙂 The low light performance of the D300 should be legendary as well, but maybe I was already spoiled by the splendid low light capabilities of the D40. ISO 3200 is now usable (for small prints) but don’t expect noise free images at ISO 1600.

But I will miss my “old”, little D40 as well. I’ve taken both beautiful (IMHO) and unforgettable pictures with it. Some people may argue that a bigger camera will give you more stability (less shake), but after two years of using the D40 it felt just right. So, trusty machine, we had a great time together, let’s hope your big brother will become my friend as well.