Tibet - Lhasa Potalla 2

Lhasa is all over the news nowadays. It’s not the goal of this blog to promote my political stance, but we were in Lhasa last year and I feel somewhat sad to hear that it’s not the peaceful place anymore. Even last year you could feel that China tried to “import” their culture, people and way of living in Tibet. Take for example the Potala Palace, once the residence of the Dalai Lama and one of the most impressive buildings I’ve ever seen. China created an enormous modern open plaza in front of it, including a huge Chinese flag (see below). Although the plaza is nice, you feel that it doesn’t belong in the traditional Lhasa. And it doesn’t stop there, China tries to replace the Tibetan culture by housing many Chinese people in Lhasa: taxi drivers, shop owners etc.


But besides those issues Lhasa is a beautiful place, high in the mountains, it feels like it’s sacred in some way. I do hope the situation will get solved and Lhasa will get back it’s traditional glory… (want to see more of Lhasa, check our Flickr set)

P1010901   Jokhang

Jokhang   Jokhang