This picture was taken in 2006, during our China round-trip. We went to see the karst mountains from a balloon. One of the cooler things I’ve done during my holidays. 🙂

Another hotel-room-view picture taken with my cell phone, in the not so exciting city of Ballerup, near Copenhagen in Denmark.

Fran and Lis relaxing in in a colorful couch. Aren’t they cute? 🙂

When she was 12 my wife got this Rhododendron from her late grandfather. Twenty years later, the flowers still say “hey spring is coming!”.

Fran (and the rest of us) is enjoying the first signs of spring.

Yet another splendid hotel room view this evening: a view on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

(taken from the 7th floor of the Intercontinental hotel)